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Pricing Policy

Fair Price

MBK-G applies the interest rate from third party (most commonly benchmarked with Thanachart Bank's MLR), hence the interest rate is subject to bank’s interest rate movement which would reflect the fluctuation of the current market rate.

Even more, MBK-G pricing is fair. For our condo loan, MBK-G charges a magin of 2% above Thanachart Bank's MLR, which in comparison to the market, is considered reasonable and competitive.

Classification of interest rate charge

Product Interest Upfront Fee
Type Rate
Condo Loan Floating MLR* +2% 1.25%
Kai-Faak (For land bank)** Fixed 12.00% 1.50%

Note : *refer to MLR of Thanachart Bank
Note : **refer to the regulation of sale with redemption right